Recently relocated to Washington from Texas, I inspire to experience creation. Whether in the tips of my fingers or strokes align my spine, I comb through the city for testament. So far, the city’s bodacious nature exposes a beauty I am so boldly to see in myself. I’m really taking advantage of this chance to signify my quotidians and misfits in Seattle.

I am an introvert though, loving the opportunity to play with my personality by intertwining hearsay morals and actual integrity through personas and subversive compositions. My notes are messages from this fierce passion that I cannot speak loud enough, yet can paint vast colors and attitudes with words. In lamen’s terms, my Pandora’s Box and I chose to share it with you in a more intimate setting. My introductions are not easily understood and sometimes received underwhelmed in a flamboyant environment. A reflection of me, a meek seduction with a potent uprise in the consciousness of not just my culture, but the culture of my environment and my reactions to it’s nativity. I hope you enjoy all my brushes with Seattle, and I encourage you to tell me what you think.




Recently relocated to Seattle, I inspire to experience creation.

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Recently relocated to Seattle, I inspire to experience creation.

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